Are you liking stake(6,6) yet?

What is stake(6,6) ?

If you’re still not sure, check out the proposal:

(3,3) Staking lets you stake your Meta into the (3,3) protocol and pays you interest every hour forever, just like a bank (only paid much more often than a bank, and much much higher interest than a bank). The difference from a traditional bank is that your money deposited with them will be diluted over time due to inflation. In fact, you’re always facing an uphill battle with dilution when you are playing in the fiat currency game.

(6,6) adds another layer to the story. When you take your Meta and stake it into the (3,3), it turns into sMeta (staked Meta), which you can then wrap and turn into wsMeta (wrapped staked Meta), which can then be staked in the (6,6) Staking Pool and locked for 5 days, but earning much much higher interest. So, if (3,3) is similar to a regular bank account, then (6,6) could be thought of as more like a Time Deposit at a bank, with the latter earning you more, but requiring you to lock in for a set period.

Think about your strategy!

If you buy Meta, then stake your sMeta, then wrap your sMeta into wsMeta and stake in (6,6), and then just wait out the five-day lockup, then congrats! That’s exactly how my grandma does it.

But, my mom does it a little differently. She does the same thing as my grandma, but she claims and restakes in the (6,6) pool every 3 hours. It’s really working for her….so much so that she nags me so much less now than she used to.

But, I’ve discovered that my girlfriend is even better than the both of them. She buys bonds first, then follows the same strategy as my mom, but she also claims and restakes every TWO hours. She’s killing it! And she just bought me a new iPhone13. Thanks, hun!

What I’m thinking now

I sometimes watch the discussions going on in the Discord server and one thing I’ve noticed is that everyone is always great at helping each other out, and especially helping newcomers. And everyone has a little different angle on how best to earn more. But, I suppose we’re all in a race trying to find the best way to outrun inflation in the fiat money game. Perhaps you have a better strategy you can share?

If you think you’ve got the best strategy, come share it with us in the Discord Server and, if it works, we can even name it, and frame it, and hang it on the wall, and all honors will go to you!



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