wsMeta vs sMeta?

An example with numbers:

• 50 sMETA at the index of 10 gets you 5 wsMETA

Why do we use wsMETA

Initially, it was to deal with tax implications of different jurisdictions for repeated taxable events caused by each rebase.

Another reason:

wsMETA is even better for use on other DeFi platforms. Let’s say a farm pool supports sMeta for farming, so you put in 1 sMeta for a few days and then take back out your sMeta and your rewards. But, if this pool doesn’t support ibsMeta (Interest-bearing tokens), then you only get your sMETA and your farming rewards, but lose out on all the rebases you should have had while you were farming.

Start getting used to using wsMeta from now on:

Instead of giving your girlfriend flowers, give her some wsMeta.



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